LLC “Vtormetservis”

IMG_7570The company “Vtormetservis” has been working in the market of non-ferrous metals since 2009. Since that time on, the company approved itself to be a reliable partner, who fulfills its obligations clearly and in time.
LLC “Vtormetservis” is a subdivision of ZAO (CJSC) “Vtortsvetmet” (Vologda city), which occupies the leading position in the Russian market of aluminum and copper-based alloys production.
The main activity of the company “Vtormetservis” is the supply of Vologda enterprise “Vtortsvetmet” with scrap metal and metal waste.
LLC “Vtormetservis” warehouse distribution centre has a land area of 13,000 square meters, with a branch of the Gorky Railway running nearby. The floor space of the office building and warehouse is 700 square meters and 1500 square meters accordingly. Group of companies “MetSnab”, ZAO (CJSC) VP “Vtortsvetmet”, “Vtormetservis” LLC has over four hundred employees, owns a fleet of heavy trucks, forklift trucks, compact cars.


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